Oban Congress

The 2016 Oban chess congress was held between the 18th and 20th November.

It was a successful tournament for players from Bon Accord, with most players gaining rating points.


  • Neil Irving 3½/5 (2nd=)
  • Callum Smith 2½/5
  • Leston D’Costa 2/5


  • Divyesh Selvaraj 4/5 (3rd=)
  • Connor Sibbald 2½/5
  • Adi Hegde 2/5


  • Malcolm MacMillan 2½/5

Full results are here

Oban Chess Congress

The 2015 Oban chess congress was held from the 20th – 22nd November. There were a couple of notable results for Bon Accord players.

In the Challengers Leston D’Costa and Callum Smith finished 2nd= with 3½/5. Callum with a tournament performance of 1912, while Leston’s TPR was 1859. John Ewen also played in the challengers scoring a solid 2/5 and gaining some rating points.

In the Minor Aditya Hegde scored 2½/5 for a tournament performance of 848, exactly 400 points above his current grade!

Links to grading:

Oban Chess Congress

Hamish Olson and I were playing in the Oban chess congress this weekend with pretty decent results. Oban is a well established tournament – this was the 20th edition – and is one of the most sociable congresses because everyone stays in the town and no-one commutes. Each year there is a pub quiz held in the Royal hotel on Saturday evening, which we didn’t win.

Collectively we were a bit more successful in the chess.

Hamish got 3.5/5 in the open. In round 2 he beat International Master Steve Mannion (a game with which he was very pleased), and his only loss was with black to International Master Andrew Greet.

In spite of playing four of the five highest rated players I scored 4/5 in the challengers – including a game where I checkmated my opponent in ten moves. This was enough to finish in a share of 1st place.