North East Cup – Sharks vs Bishops

The North East cup game between the Bon Accord Bishops and the Teflon Sharks took place at Ferryhill community centre on Tuesday 10th May 2016. The match ended in a 3-1 win for the Sharks who qualify for the cup final against the Bon Accord Knights. The final will be played on Tuesday 17th May.

Teflon Sharks Bon Accord Bishops
1 B Jeremy Mitchell 1794 ½ ½ Mike Cavanagh 1888
2 W Alan Smith 1653 1 0 Richard Jennings 1878
3 B Ross Brennan 1634 ½ ½ Ian Grieve 1397
4 W Sean Gordon 1 0 Eugene Ogosi
3 1

North East Scotland Chess League – Sharks vs Knights

The match in the North East Scotland Chess League between the Teflon Sharks and the Bon Accord Knights took place on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at Ferryhill community centre. The result was a 3-1 win for the Knights as follows:

Teflon Sharks Bon Accord Knights
1 B Jeremy Mitchell 1794 0 1 Duncan Harwood 1950
2 W Ross Brennan 1634 0 1 Ricky Telford 1633
3 B Duncan McClymont 1227 0 1 John Ewen 1568
4 W Sean Gordon 1 0 David Smith 1514
1 3

North East Chess League – Bishops vs Sharks

The match between the Bon Accord Bishops and the Teflon Sharks in the North East Scotland chess league took place on Tuesday 16th February at Ferryhill community centre.

In an exceptionally close match the first result occurred on board four when Sean Gordon converted a rook ending with a couple of extra pawns against Eugene Ogosi. Duncan McClymont had a winning king and pawn ending, but the position was very tricky and Alex Stewart managed to steer the position into a queen ending which was not at all clear. The games on the top two boards were both decided in time scrambles. Jeremy Mitchell had a promising position with two minor pieces for a rook, but unfortunately blundered his knight and Mike Cavanagh was able to convert the resulting ending. In the board 2 game Richard Jennings was pushing for the win in spite of being a pawn down in a bishop ending, but Ross Brennan managed to sacrifice his bishop for white’s remaining pawns to secure the draw.


Bon Accord Bishops Teflon Sharks
1 B Mike Cavanagh 1888 1 0 Jeremy Mitchell 1794
2 W Richard Jennings 1878 ½ ½ Ross Brennan 1634
3 B Alex Stewart 1268 ½ ½ Duncan McClymont 1227
4 W Eugene Ogosi 0 1 Sean Gordon
2 2