Scottish Primary Individual Championship

The 2016 Scottish primary individual championship was held at Dolphin House near Ayr on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June, with several juniors from Bon Accord participating.
The best result was achieved by Connor Sibbald who scored 5½/6 to finish 1st= (2nd on tiebreak) with Ayrshire’s Jake Sanger.
Kalyan Kante came 3rd= (3rd on tiebreak) with 4½/6 losing only to Jake Sanger in round 4.
Other Bon Accord players included Adi Hegde (3½/6), Pranav Arcot (2/6) and Pranav Saravanan (also 2/6).

Ayr Congress

The 2016 Ayr congress was played at the Mercure hotel in Ayr on the weekend of 27th – 29th May.

There were several notable results scored by Bon Accord players.

Equal first in the open was Murad Abdulla, who scored 4/5 to win his second open of the season (he also won in Dundee). Euan Gray and Callum Smith were both playing in the open as well, and both gained rating points with 2½/5 and 1½/5 respectively.

The major was won by Neil Irving jointly with James Watson from Polytechnic with 4/5. Atanu Dutta and Stuthi Hegde were also both in the major, and scored 2 points each.

The best result from a Bon Accord player in the minor was from Nandini Dutta who won a share of the under 1000 grading prize with 2½/5. Oishani Dutta scored 2/5 while Aditya Hegde finished on 1½/5.

Congratulations to all of the prize winners.

Full grading results are here.