Bon Accord summer tournament

Richard Jennings has kindly agreed to run an end of season tournament again this season.

The tournament is a 5 round swiss. The rounds are scheduled as follows:

  • Round 1        Tuesday   2 June
  • Round 2        Tuesday   9 June
  • Round 3        Tuesday  16 June
  • Round 4        Tuesday   23 June
  • Round 5        Tuesday   30 June

The time control is 50 minutes for all moves with a 30 second increment per move from the start.

Games should start at 7 pm to allow plenty of time to finish. In the unlikely event of a game still continuing at 10.15 pm, an adjudication will be made so that the club can be closed by 10.30 pm.

All moves must be recorded throughout and the 50 move draw rule applies.

Games will normally be played at Ferryhill on the Tuesday nights, but if both players agree, alternative nights and venues are acceptable, provided the game is played and result submitted in time for the next round draw, and the tournament controller is informed in advance.

The deadline for entries is Saturday 30th May. Should I receive any through the website I will pass them on to Richard.

Please note that this tournament is open to players who are not members of Bon Accord chess club.


Ayr chess congress

The Ayr chess congress was held at the Mercure hotel in Ayr from the 22nd – 24th May 2015. The tournament consisted of three sections: Minor (under 1450), Major (under 1850) and Open. Players from Bon Accord were competing in all three sections. Unusually the tournament used an incremental time control of all moves in 80 minutes plus 30 seconds per move.

Due to some withdrawals and late entries the list of entrants from Bon Accord wasn’t quite the same as listed in the previous post.

In the minor Vusal Ramazanov had a tough weekend losing all four of his games. In the major Callum Smith had a weekend to forget with just one draw from five games, but there were solid performances from Neil Irving (3.5/5), Leston D’Costa (3/5) and Vagif Ramazanov (3/5). In the open Euan Gray scored an excellent 2/5, Richard Jennings and Murad Abdulla scored 2.5/5 each, while Hamish Olson recovered from blundering a piece in round 1 to score 3.5/5, including a draw with International Master Stephen Mannion in the final round.

BP Cup Final

The BP cup final was played on Tuesday 12th May at Ferryhill community centre between the Bon Accord Bishops and the Teflon Sharks. The result was a decisive win for the Bishops.

Bon Accord Bishops Teflon Sharks
1 W Mike Cavanagh 1856 1 0 Jeremy Mitchell 1812
2 B Richard Jennings 1812 1 0 Ross Brennan 1670
3 W Ian Grieve 1445 0 1 Eric Davidson 1669
4 B Sean Milton 1112 1 0 Vagif Ramazanov 1398
3 1

Congratulations to Bon Accord Bishops the 2015 BP cup champions.

BP Cup Semi Final – Bon Accord Bishops vs Peterhead

The BP cup semi-final between the Bon Accord Bishops and Peterhead took place on Tuesday 5th May. The Bishops were significant favourites by rating, but Peterhead were fielding a very good (and underrated) ringer in Callum Smith on board 3. The first game to finish was on board 4 where Dominic Troman won fairly quickly against Atharva Dabholkar. On board 3 Callum Smith duly won a complex game against Ian Grieve leaving Peterhead 2-0 up with two games to go. On board 1 Mike Cavanagh had a better position and more time against Chris Rose, and won fairly easily. The most interesting game was on board 2 where Malcolm MacMillan had a very good (quite possibly winning) position against Richard Jennings. Although Richard was in severe time trouble he managed to outplay his opponent and reached a drawish ending where each side had a pawn, a rook and a bishop. Only needing half a point to win the match Malcolm unfortunately put his bishop en-prise, and Richard checkmated him with less than 2 minutes left on the clock.

The 2-2 draw leaves the Bishops going through to the BP cup final on board count.

Bon Accord Bishops Peterhead
1 W Mike Cavanagh 1856 1 0 Chris Rose 1435
2 B Richard Jennings 1820 1 0 Malcolm MacMillan 1105
3 W Ian Grieve 1445 0 1 Callum Smith 1057
4 B Atharva Dabholkar 810 0 1 Dominic Troman 1093
2 2


BP Cup Semi Final – Bon Accord Knights vs Teflon Sharks

The BP cup semi-final between the Bon Accord Knights and the Teflon Sharks took place on Tuesday 5th May. The Sharks were only able to field three players, so the Knights won board four by default. Eric Davidson evened the score with a fine attacking win with black against John Ewen. This left the Knights needing at 1.5 points from the top two games, but the board 2 game between Ross Brennan and Ricky Telford ended in a blocked position where neither could make progress, and on board 1 Duncan Harwood could only draw a pawn down against Jeremy Mitchell. The 2-2 draw leaves the Teflon Sharks going through on board count.

Bon Accord Knights Teflon Sharks
1 W Duncan Harwood 1988 0.5 0.5 Jeremy Mitchell 1812
2 B Ricky Telford 1639 0.5 0.5 Ross Brennan 1670
3 W John Ewen 1619 0 1 Eric Davidson 1669
4 B Win by default 1 0 Default
2 2


Club Championship Round 7

Going into the last round of the club championship the lead is tied between Bob Lothian and Jeremy Mitchell. If their game is drawn then Mike Cavanagh, Alan Smith, Richard Jennings and Callum Smith could also win the title depending on tie break.

The full draw is as follows:

White Black
Jeremy Mitchell (4½) Bob Lothian (4½)
Mike Cavanagh (4) Alan Smith (4)
Richard Jennings (4) Callum Smith (4)
Duncan Harwood (3½) Ricky Telford (3)
Tariq Pasha (3) Leston D’Costa (2½)
Ian Grieve (2½) Euan Gray (2½)
Eric Davidson (2) Mark Barclay (2)
John Ewen (2) Stuthi Hegde (2)
Dylan Bodrell (1½) Ayo Suberu (0)

The deadline for completing the games is Friday 29th May.