About Bon Accord Chess Club

Who are we

Bon Accord chess club was founded in Aberdeen in 1853.

The club is the largest in the north east of Scotland, and currently has about 35 members.

In 2014 the club won the Richardson Cup – Scotland’s premier team competition, and competed in the European Club Cup in Bilbao.

The 2017-18 and 2018-19 Scottish Champion FM Murad Abdulla is a member of the club.

In 2018 we also won the Richardson cup and were promoted to the top division of the Scottish National Chess League

The club is open to members of any age or standard .

When do we meet

The club meets between September and June at the following times:

  • Wednesday  7:00 – 10:00pm
  • Friday  7:00 – 10.00 pm

Occasionally the bridge club is unavailable on one of our club nights – see our calendar for details, and make sure the club secretary has your email address.

Where do we meet

Aberdeen Bridge Club, 14 Rubislaw Terrace

How much does it cost
See our club fees for details

2 thoughts on “About Bon Accord Chess Club

  1. Hello
    I am looking for a suitable chess club for my daughter; she is 7years old. Could you recommend a club that is suitable for her age and level?
    Kind regards


    • Hi Derin, Apologies for missing this until now – I didn’t realise I needed to approve comments before they became visible. If you are still looking for a chess club then please use the contact us https://bonaccordchess.wordpress.com/contact-us/ which will put us in touch via email. I respond to that very promptly and would have to your comment had I seen it.
      Best wishes,


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