Bon Accord All Stars vs Teflon Sharks (Allegro League)

The Bon Accord All Stars vs Teflon Sharks match in the North East Scotland allegro league was played on Friday 28th November. The outcome was the following:

Bon Accord All Stars Teflon Sharks
1 Daniel Maxwell 2101 2 0 Murad Abdulla 1818
2 Hamish Olson 1976 2 0 Jeremy Mitchell 1731
3 Anna Milton 1534 1.5 0.5 Ross Brennan 1756
4 Callum Smith 940 1 0 Eric Davidson 1721
Euan Gray 1379 0 1
6.5 1.5

Bon Accord All Stars vs Newmachar

The Bon Accord All Stars vs Newmachar match in the North East Scotland chess league was played on Tuesday 25th November. The outcome was the following:

Bon Accord All Stars Newmachar
1 B Hamish Olson 2087 1 0 Joy Durno 1732
2 W Daniel Maxwell 2081 1 0 Harry Praeger 1592
3 B Carl Milton 1634 1 0 Steve Sawaryn 1453
4 W Sean Milton 1112 0.5 0.5 Dave Smith 1102
3.5 0.5

Bon Accord All Stars vs Bon Accord Bishops

The All Stars versus Bishops match in the North East Scotland chess league was played on Friday 21st November. The outcome was the following:

Bon Accord All Stars Bon Accord Bishops
1 B Daniel Maxwell 2081 1 0 Mike Cavanagh 1856
2 W Carl Milton 1634 0 1 Richard Jennings 1820
3 B Anna Milton 1594 0.5 0.5 Hugh Holmes 1724
4 W Tariq Pasha 1192 1 0 Ian Grieve 1445
2.5 1.5

Oban Chess Congress

Hamish Olson and I were playing in the Oban chess congress this weekend with pretty decent results. Oban is a well established tournament – this was the 20th edition – and is one of the most sociable congresses because everyone stays in the town and no-one commutes. Each year there is a pub quiz held in the Royal hotel on Saturday evening, which we didn’t win.

Collectively we were a bit more successful in the chess.

Hamish got 3.5/5 in the open. In round 2 he beat International Master Steve Mannion (a game with which he was very pleased), and his only loss was with black to International Master Andrew Greet.

In spite of playing four of the five highest rated players I scored 4/5 in the challengers – including a game where I checkmated my opponent in ten moves. This was enough to finish in a share of 1st place.

Stonehaven vs Bon Accord Knights

The Stonehaven vs Bon Accord Knights fixture in the North East Scotland Chess League was played on Wednesday 19th November. The result was a victory for the knights as follows:

Stonehaven Bon Accord Knights
1 B Keith Emery 1684 0 1 Duncan Harwood 1988
2 W Bruce Harrold 1672 1 0 Neil Irving 1644
3 B Pat Coffield 1452 0.5 0.5 Ricky Telford 1639
4 W David Bridges 1235 0 1 Mark Barclay 1457
1.5 2.5

Mark converted an extra exchange to be the first to finish. Duncan managed to strand his opponent’s king in the centre of the board, and was then able to fork his rooks. I blundered a rook while trying to defend a bad position in time trouble. Ricky secured the points when his opponent offered a draw in a complicated looking queen and knight ending.

Club Championship Round 2

The draw for round 2 of the club championship is as follows:

White Black
Neil Irving (1) Hamish Olson (1)
Bob Lothian (1) Richard Jennings (1)
Alan Smith (1) Duncan Harwood (1)
Mike Cavanagh (1) Ricky Telford (1)
Jeremy Mitchell (½) Eric Davidson (0)
Carl Milton (0) Leston D’Costa (½)
Dylan Bodrell (0) John Ewen (0)
Euan Gray (0) Stuthi Hegde (0)
Tariq Pasha (0) Mark Barclay (0)
Ian Grieve (0) Callum Smith (0)

The deadline games to be completed is Friday 12th December

Club Championship Round 1 Results

The results of round 1 of the club championship were as follows:

White     Black
Hamish Olson 1 0 Carl Milton
John Ewen 0 1 Bob Lothian
Duncan Harwood 1 0 Euan Gray
Mark Barclay 0 1 Mike Cavanagh
Richard Jennings 1 0 Ian Grieve
Leston D’Costa 0.5 0.5 Jeremy Mitchell
Eric Davidson 0 1 Alan Smith
Stuthi Hegde 0 1 Neil Irving
Ricky Telford 1 0 Dylan Bodrell

The standings are as follows:

Hamish Olson, Bob Lothian, Duncan Harwood, Mike Cavanagh, Richard Jennings, Neil Irving, Alan Smith, Ricky Telford 1
Jeremy Mitchell, Leston D’Costa 0.5
Eric Davidson, Carl Milton, John Ewen, Euan Gray, Mark Barclay, Ian Grieve, Stuthi Hegde, Dylan Bodrell 0