Club Championship Rd1 Draw

28 Entrants so far this year. Average rating excluding unrated players is 1356, with the top quarter all being rated over 1800.

The draw for round 1 is as follows:

White Black
Sean Gordon Alex Stewart
Malcolm MacMillan Hamish Olson
Bob Lothian Pranav Arcot
Adi Hegde Richard Jennings
Mike Cavanagh Ramesh Kante
Senthil Ragupathy Stefan Wagner
Jeremy Mitchell Pranav Saravanan
Anish Subramaniam Alan Smith
John Ewen Ananth Subramaniam
Jonathan Turner Charles Oppenheim
Chris Rose Anjishnu Bhaduri
Steven Inkster Connor Sibbald
Duncan McClymont Lovemore Madzinga
Raghav Praveen Kalyan Kante

All games should be played on Tuesday 6 November 2017.

The absolute deadline for the round is Tuesday 27 November 2017.

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